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Living in White Rock

White Rock got its name after, you guessed it – the white rock! This boulder was transported via glacier thousands of years ago and used to be a beacon for local sailors because it was easy to see. The city now regularly paints the rock white to maintain the image. It also has a great story as part of local Salish first nations folklore. See if you can learn about it the next time you visit.


Image of the pier at white rock beach


This seaside city attracts many visitors throughout the year for tourism, especially during the warmer months as there are many outdoor activities to do along the shores of White Rock Beach and the White Rock pier. Explore the eight kilometer sandy beach and promenade as you take in the sunset following a busy day eating at the many restaurants, walking the popular pier, and kayaking off the shore.




There is of course, more to White Rock than just living by the sea. White Rock is also home to a bustling arts and culture scene including many local artists, musicians, and live theatre. Many of the independent restaurants are run by the locals so when you spend your time and live in the neighbourhood you are supporting local businesses and the local economy. White Rock’s population is just shy of 20,000 people making it a very quaint city to live in with the extra perk of getting both sea and mountain views with plenty of things to do.

White Rock Information

If you’re looking for a new house in White Rock it’s a great idea to get better acquainted with the city: learn more about the history behind the city, the local government, local business and more:

Arts, Culture & Heritage

White Rock has a vibrant arts and cultural scene: from painting to sculpture to performance, find it all here:

Events & Festivals

As you continue to make White Rock a home check out the cities many annual festivals and events running for every season. There’s sure to be one that interests you!

Fun & Recreation

There are many things to do in White Rock to keep you exploring. Farmers markets are always popular for residents, as well as all of the local trails and water sports you can try. There’s something for everyone living in White Rock!


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