We are extremely honored that you have decided to list your home with us and want to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible for you and your family. Our goal is to guide you and support you throughout the entire process, as well as answer any questions you may have along the way. Below you will find a basic list of things that you can expect when you list with us. Of course, we realize that every situation is unique and we will listen carefully to your needs and expectations to ensure we provide you with an outstanding experience!

Step 1: Listing Appointment

We will set up a time to come to your home for the listing appointment. Meeting with you at your home gives us a chance to see the unique features of your home as well as go over the necessary paperwork. We will go over our process, answer any questions, discuss your needs and expectations and ensure you are comfortable with everything. We will set the date for the open house and you can also let us know if you have any specific instructions regarding showings (tenants, pets, convenient times etc.) and how access will be given for showings (lockbox or owner access). We will order a sign up for your property and ask our staging team to contact you.

Step 2: Staging Appointment & Cleaning

Our professional staging team Fine Redesign Home Staging & Decor Inc. will contact you to arrange a time to come to your home and walk through each room with you, going over what things will make your home ready for buyers. As an international award-winning Home Staging & Interior Design Company with a proven track record of success. Since 2007, they have successfully staged and styled over 5000 homes throughout the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver areas and established themselves as a leader in the local staging and design industry.

They will prepare a complete detailed plan and work with you to make your home as attractive as possible, including supplying home décor items and other staging materials (Fees may apply). Our wonderful team of cleaners will also co-ordinate with the staging team to make your home sparkling clean!

Step 3: Picture Day

Once your home has been staged and cleaned to perfection, our talented photographer will come and take pictures as well as video footage. These pictures and video will help to showcase your home on the MLS, our website, Facebook and other social media platforms.

Step 4 – On the MLS

As soon as the photographer sends the pictures and video to us, we will get your house up on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), our website, Facebook, and other social media sites.

Step 5: Showings & Open House

Now that your home is available on the MLS and other places, we will start to get calls for showing appointments. We will be contacting you each time there is a showing request and will ensure all showings are booked according to any special instructions you have given us (tenants/pets etc). We will keep a list of all showings and will follow up for feedback from showing agents. The open house date will be advertised as well and we will actively promote it to generate as much action as possible. As with showings, we will keep a list of visitors to the open house and will follow up for feedback.

Step 6: Offers (Accepted offer)

As soon as we get an offer or are notified that an offer is coming, we will contact you. Once we have the offer in hand, we will go over it thoroughly with you and respond accordingly. If there are multiple offers, we will carefully review each one with you and help you to decide which one is best for you based on price, subjects/conditions included, and dates. Once you are comfortable, we will submit your response or counter offer to the buyer’s agent. Offers may be accepted immediately but more often they go back and forth a few times before all parties agree and the offer is considered an “accepted offer”.

Our job is to work hard and negotiate the most favorable offer we can for you! Most offers will contain subjects that are to be removed by the buyer on a specified date (usually 7 – 10 days from the time of offer) before the offer becomes firm. Some of these may include: financing, obtaining a home inspection, approving Property Disclosure Statement (PDS) & Title Search and if Strata property, the review, and approval of Form B and other Strata documents. We will go over all subjects with you and will provide the buyers agent with requested documents such as copies of Title Search, PDS & Strata Documents.

The buyer’s agent may also request an appointment for access to your home for the purposes of inspection/appraisal. During this time prior to subject removal, we may continue to show your home, depending on the circumstances and we will discuss this with you at that time.

Step 7: Firm Offer

Congratulations! As soon as the subjects are removed, the offer is considered a “FIRM OFFER”. This means that the buyers have paid the deposit and we will no longer need to show your home. We will ask you to choose a lawyer or notary to act on your behalf for the sale of your home (ask us if you need some recommendations). We will send all the necessary documentation to your lawyer or notary and they will arrange an appointment time for you to come in and sign their paperwork.

There are 3 important dates you will need to mark in your calendar:

COMPLETION, ADJUSTMENT & POSSESSION DATES COMPLETION DATE: specified on the Contract of Purchase & Sale and is the date that the property Title is registered to the buyer and sale funds are transferred (usually occurs 1-2 days before Adjustment/Possession dates)

ADJUSTMENT DATE: specified on the Contract of Purchase & Sale and is the date used for the adjustment from buyer to seller of property taxes, rent, strata fees, utilities etc. (will be the same date as the Possession date)

POSSESSION DATE: A.K.A MOVING DAY! Specified on the Contract of Purchase & Sale and is the date on which the buyer is entitled to possession of the property (it is important to note the time specified in the contract. Most commonly it is noon, but can vary).

Step 8: Get Ready To Move

Once we have a firm offer you can get ready to move! Depending on the dates, you may or may not have ample time but no matter how much time there is, moving can be stressful! It is always a good idea to start sooner rather than later and any cleaning, decluttering, packing you can do even before your home is sold, will be a welcome relief when it comes time to actually move. It’s also a good idea to book movers as soon as possible and advise the Post office, utility providers as well as friends and family that you are moving.

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