What Real Estate Agents Do for Home Sellers

Selling | July 22, 2019 | written by Corbin Chivers

Are you planning to sell your home? If so, then you’ll eventually find yourself working with a seller’s agent. Seller’s agents are real estate agents that specialize in assisting owners who want to sell their homes or other real estate property. Much is expected from seller’s agents, given that they are supposed to be professionals and experts in the industry. Home sellers should be able to find one that will prioritize their best interest.

Unfortunately, there are many agents out there who put their personal interest over that of their clients. To make sure that you are treated in the best way possible, you should know what to expect from a seller’s agent. Read on to find out more!


They Give the Right Valuation for the Home or Property

Pricing or evaluating a property properly is the top responsibility of a seller’s agent. Seller’s agents cannot only put a price on a home to please the seller or give in to their request. Reliable and experienced seller’s agents know what factors to consider when putting a price tag on any property. These factors include location, neighborhood, square footage, floor area, upgrades, updates, age, condition, economic indicators, and local real estate market trends. 

Seller’s agents should be able to find the sweet spot between attractive and fair pricing. A good agent will usually avoid pricing a property too high to attract buyers. However, the price should not be too low, or else the seller (their client) won’t be able to make the most of the sale.

Once the property value is set, the seller’s agent should work hard to sell the property in that amount or as close to it as possible, depending on negotiations done with buyers. 


They Market the Property Well

Seller’s agents are also expected to market and promote their clients’ properties in the best way possible. The agent should be leading the marketing and listing efforts. They will spearhead the staging, and provide recommendations on how to best present the home or commercial space. They will take the initiative to hire a professional photographer to give justice to the property. Furthermore, they will create good write-ups for the property, highlighting its desirable features and making buyers see the benefits they can enjoy when they purchase the property. 

Seller’s agents must be adept at utilizing not only the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) but also other marketing channels, mainly social media – Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, and even YouTube. 


They Keep Communication Lines Open

Communication is paramount when working with a seller’s agent. They should be able to concisely and adequately communicate any concerns and recommendations regarding the property and selling processes. Aside from continually communicating and updating the property owner, they should also be good at communicating with home buyers and the buyer’s agents. 

Seller’s agents should be able to leverage different communication platforms and tools, such as the telephone, SMS, email, and chat. As the client, observe whether or not they respond quickly to your inquiries and if they get in touch with you from time to time even if you don’t initiate contact when you’re busy.

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