The Home Staging Process – Why You Should Consider It

Selling | June 2, 2020 | written by Corbin Chivers

Staged homes, or as many call them “fully furnished” homes, are something to be considered when deciding to sell a house. This is not really a must-do for those looking to sell their house as quickly as possible, but it is a fact that many people prefer a nicely furnished home for its plug-and-play nature. This will often increase the perceived value of your home especially in the Surrey and White Rock area where people appreciate a beautiful move-in ready home.


Staged homes help the selling process


Empty homes are usually the last to go in the real estate market, compared to fully furnished ones that go faster by over seventy percent. This is because some people are just not into analyzing the whole interior design scene and would rather have fewer things to think about when dreaming of moving in. For a select few, furnishing the house for themselves is important, which is why they would rather purchase an empty house. For those in a rush to move in and have money on hand, staged homes are a competitive force. 


This is a good way to sell your home in a down market. For other tips on selling while the market is low check out our guide


Staged homes add additional value to a home


Although the whole house’s selling price does not revolve around how the furniture looks, it can definitely improve the price. If a house is well cared for, and the potential buyer can see themselves living there through staged furniture and visual appeal, and the home is located in a great area, chances are the value will be driven up. 


Staged homes often leave a lasting impression, so to get the best price out of the sale of your home in White Rock, a top-notch realtor would be able to assess market trends and real estate related aspects including current market design and colour preferences.


The process of home staging


Home staging entails the process of preparing a property for sale in the market. Although it has elements of home improvement, it is not the same as conducting major renovations. This procedure usually involves decluttering of spaces, removing personalized touches, upgrading hardware and lighting fixtures, and other small improvements to the property. 


The idea of home staging has the buyer’s eye in mind. So what to look out for when doing an overhaul is making the home as plain and aesthetically pleasing as possible. Some buyers will appreciate a very clean and decluttered look, as minimalism is on the rise. Even if the potential buyer prefers clutter a minimalistic look will allow then to see their decorations in the home.


At the end of the process of redecorating and redesigning, it is a great idea to take high-quality photos to be listed online. A large chunk of home buyers conduct their business of searching through the internet especially now that the pandemic has caused such fear in public gatherings, so if you have amazing photos that will capture attention, it may mean potential buyers right away. 


Good photos often remove the need for buyers to ask more questions or request other images, so investing in the services of a professional photographer and proper lighting is a good idea. When a buyer feels comfortable with what they see in your property, it can evolve into a site visit or a visual tour for those looking to use digital means to purchase. Also, if you struggle with the process of redecorating and house flipping, the services of an interior designer can help with techniques on proper lighting and ergonomic positioning. Often a designer can improve the perceived value enough to pay their services but ask your realtor if this is the right step for you.


Conducting virtual home staging


Because of the rise in technology, home staging techniques have found their way to devices to keep people safe and make it easy to see the home before having to take the time to visit it. Using technology can project furniture that actually doesn’t exist on an interior design render image, so buyers can also see what they want structurally. 


If you are concerned with selling or buying a home during the pandemic check out our guide for details on our procedures.




Home staging is often a painstaking project, as putting away the things you love about a home can be hard. Your realtor will be able to help you stage your home in the best way to get your home sold in the best possible time frame. 


When it comes to buying and selling properties in Langley, we make it hassle-free, so let us take the burden off your shoulders and contact us today!


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