3 Things You Should Prioritize When Selling in The Surrey / Clayton Market

Uncategorised | May 7, 2020 | written by Corbin Chivers

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When selling a home especially in the Cloverdale or Clayton area in Surrey, it is important to stage and prep your home for sale. Most people will clean out their storage, pack their things, and move out of their family home. They may scrub some stains out of the carpets, or polish the windows before they go, but usually, people leave their old home as is for the new occupants to customize.


You will attract more serious buyers if your home looks like it can be lived in by the new home buyers. People want their surroundings to reflect how they see themselves, so if you are trying to get the attention of clients who are willing and able to purchase your home, you have to do some upgrades or stage your home for the buyer you want to attract. Here are a few things to prioritize if you want to appeal to serious buyers.


  1. Give your walls a fresh coat of paint


Top real estate agents will tell you that homebuyers today gravitate toward neutral palettes, avoiding jewel-toned tiles or intricate designs and favour streamlined or minimal patterns. If you want to give a house an inexpensive update, replacing the colours in the rooms would do the trick. A top realtor can always help you with small staging changes like pillow and colour improvements. Check out our reviews to see some of the happy customers our team has helped!

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Painting a space is a quick way to change the appeal. Use light colours to make a room appear larger, and dark ones to keep it cozy. Paint the ceiling a lighter colour than the walls to make the room seem taller. If you want to give your home an update for a more upmarket crowd, choose monochromatic colour schemes for your rooms like silver and gold accents on a white or neutral colour pallet.


  1. Revamp your kitchen with better storage


Kitchen renovations are an attractive consideration for homebuyers, especially ones with families. An old and dated kitchen will not be as appealing to a growing family knowing they will have to live through a renovation. The demographic in Cloverdale and Clayton Heights and especially in the Lowermainland as a whole is also more likely to purchase higher-end homes, as they plan on staying longer term because of housing prices in the area.


That will also mean reconsidering the space allocations for appliances, food packaging, china, and the like. Today, there is an emphasis on drawers, cabinets, and shelves for single detached homes and apartments alike. A modern kitchen would have lots of subtly incorporated storage space, with automatic treads and hinges that enable you to gently close cabinet doors.


  1. Make room for improvements to the exteriors


The best realtors in Cloverdale and the Clayton area know the worth of curb appeal. A home’s exterior paint colour and shape can immediately change the property’s appearance and make it look dated or chic.


Simply scheduling a clean with a company like Shack Shine or setting up a full repaint with Wow 1 Day Painting both Vancouver based companies is a great way to make your home look clean and updated for a small price. 


Big projects like these show that you are committed to leaving the new homeowners with the fairest deal possible. What’s more, BC sometimes has available rebates for large repairs and talking to your realtor about these options may improve the pricing of your home.




When preparing your home for a sale, consider how your prospective buyers look at the home – is it live in ready? Do you see them living in the house you are selling? If not, you might want to invest a small amount now for a larger return down the road. Any top realtor that knows the Cloverdale and Clayton Heights areas will be ready and able to suggest the best home improvements for you. 


For the best real estate team in the Cloverdale and Clayton Heights communities, call our realtors at Corbin & Co. today. We are 100% committed to helping you buy and sell real estate with real-time prices!

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